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Fiskars Industrial tools and accessories are designed to fill the needs of a wide variety of manufacturing industries. Whatever you cut, and however you work, you'll appreciate the quality and innovative design that helps you accomplish your task more easily, accurately and efficiently -- with less effort and greater safety.

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DuraSharp® Bent, Blunt-Tip, Pointed-Tip, Serrated, Scissors and Shears.
Click for Fiskars Shears and Ergo Cutters
Bent, Blunt-Tip, Curved, High-Performance, Left-Handed, Micro-Tip, Multi-Layer, Pinking, Razor-Edged, Right-Handed, Serrated, Straight, Take-Apart, Utility, Scissors and Shears.

Click for Fiskars Ergonomic Snips & Shears
Softouch® MIcro-Tip, Precision, Serrated, Shop, Ergonomic Snips and Shears.
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Data-Comm, Electrician's, Fiber Optic, Snips and Scissors.

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28mm, 45mm, 65mm, Rotary cutters. Perforating, Pinking, Scoring Replacement Blades. PowerGrip Utility Knife.

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