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In the fall of 1947 Gene Ball and Scotty Taylor got together to create what has become a 50-year institution in industrial tools, equipment and supplies. Their idea was simple... with Scotty knocking on doors finding out what their customers needed and Gene’s unique ability to find and procure products that were scarce in a post war economy, the two succeeded in supplying their customers with the products and industrial supplies that were vital to their ‘day to day’ business.
“Carry products that offer the best quality and value, provide effective friendly service, charge a fair price and be totally committed to our customers satisfaction”... This is what the founders of B & T Industrial built their business and reputation on. By ‘being there’ whenever their customers needed something, no matter how tough the job or how hard that item was to find, B&T succeeded in saving their customers valuable time and money.
“Take care of your customers and they will continue to do business with you.” It’s a basic premise that the second generation principles continues to live by. B & T Industrial now known as BT Industrial has continued to grow and prosper with the help of their valuable customers and dedicated manufacturer and supplier base.
BT Industrial continues to welcome the challenges that come with assisting their customers in improving their business and responding to their ever-changing industrial product needs. Creating innovative offerings like their On-Site Inventory program and aggressive on-line strategy will help BT Industrial remain at the top of their customer’s list of vital business partners.
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